Our Family Businesses

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Other Family Businesses

Our other businesses include transportation services

ADOR EQUIPMENT LLC Truck and Trailers Sales is a major part of the family businesses. We also have two other companies that cover transportation services:

  • DADS Transports LLC, situated in Mount Vernon, IL, excels in transporting edible goods using food-grade dry vans. In addition to this specialization, they provide a range of other transportation services such as flatbed/step deck, over-dimensional loads, and hopper bottoms. For any transportation needs within these categories, please contact them at 618-383-2571.
  • RoDan Transportation shares office space with ADOR Equipment LLC Trucks and Trailer Sales. Specializing in freight shipping, RoDan handles general freight as well as grain, feed, and hay. For further information regarding our services, please reach out to Danny Dennis at 618-384-5361.
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